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The future of cybersecurity management

CUBE is a state-of-the-art SaaS platform designed to streamline and track your organization's penetration testing and security audit projects. CUBE transforms your security governance with a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that fosters collaboration, improves transparency, and simplifies reporting.

Rendering security issues and improvements visible pushes organizations toward systematic cybersecurity improvement and puts emphasis on the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (secure SDLC).

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How does CUBE work?

We developed the CUBE platform to make it easier to manage cybersecurity audits in the long term. The platform brings together pentesters, auditors, developers and product owners and ensures the return on your cybersecurity investment through transparency in reporting.


Here’s how it can work for you:

  • Make security work visible. CUBE keeps all your cybersecurity and pentest reports, communications and results in one place. This makes it easy to demonstrate the value of cybersecurity across your organization, and involve different teams in this crucial work.

  • Streamline reports from multiple vendors or manage your customers’ security verification reporting. CUBE enables you to gather uniform reports from all your audit and security testing partners or engagements, and compare them with one another on one, easy-to-use platform.

  • Secure your data. CUBE ensures that extremely sensitive cybersecurity information is always in safe hands. The platform is hosted in Finland and provides strong authentication and end-to-end encryption to ensure speed, data confidentiality and integrity in everything you do.

AI-Enhanced ISO 27001 Guidance with CUBE

  • CUBE leverages the sophisticated artificial intelligence services provided by OpenAI to deliver actionable ISO 27001 implementation guidance, aiding organizations in outlining their precise steps towards compliance. By seamlessly integrating with OpenAI’s API services, this integration ensures a user-centric experience where CUBE users reap the benefits of artificial intelligence in enhancing their compliance strategies, all while ensuring a high degree of data privacy.


Understanding cybersecurity audits: A comprehensive guide

In a digital age rife with threats, diving deep into your cybersecurity measures is paramount. Cybersecurity audits offer a thorough exploration into your organization's defenses, uncovering hidden vulnerabilities while ensuring legal compliance and bolstering stakeholder trust. With Cube Security, this in-depth journey is simplified, offering clarity and precision. Ready for a comprehensive deep dive into the world of cybersecurity audits? Discover the nuances and see how Cube Security can elevate your audit journey.


Key benefits of CUBE

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Security governance visualization

CUBE makes reports more engaging and accessible. The platform can host various forms of report visualization, such as screen recordings that demonstrate system vulnerabilities in a concrete way.

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Security management

CUBE supports natural workflows in pentesting and auditing projects. Auditors can document found vulnerabilities as well as mitigation recommendations during testing engagements. Audit log entries are recorded as vulnerabilities are reported, viewed or marked fixed. Supporting the role-based access controls, the system also records who has accessed the data and made changes.

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Security reports

CUBE can be used as the main reporting database throughout a product’s lifecycle. The security posture visibility supports budgeting, and detailed reports can be used as evidence during audits. Product owners can manage their projects, invite users, and improve awareness through visibility by, for example, configuring chat notifications to be sent when anything changes. CUBE can also be integrated with JIRA to ensure alignment on your development projects.

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Security and compliance first

CUBE is developed with a security-first mentality. All changes to data are logged and access controls can be assigned to users on a product and project basis. The framework relies on modern and reactive web technologies, and the data stored in Finnish datacenters is secured by multiple layers of defenses.

Experience the Cyber Security CUBE Difference Take control of your organization's cybersecurity governance with Cyber Security CUBE. Our powerful, transparent, and collaborative platform is tailored to meet the needs of today's fast-paced digital landscape. Make security everyone's responsibility and unlock the full potential of your cybersecurity investment.






Always free
- Penetration testing projects
- Findings reporting and commenting
- Company level access control
- Fully hosted SaaS platform
- 3 users, 1 product, unlimited projects
- Best-effort e-mail support


29,90 €

+ VAT/User/Month


14 days free trial
Assessment projects (ISO 27001 requirements)
Assessment findings & non-conformities
Company level audit log
E-mail support
PDF Report Export
Submit pen-test findings to JIRA
Product and Project level access 
No customer projects
1 company, 5 products, unlimited projects

Note: License includes own company business use only and cannot be used in customer projects.


149,00 €

+ VAT/User/Month


14 days free trial
Priority e-mail support
Manage customer companies and projects
Unlimited companies, products and projects
All CUBE users in your company must be licensed

License includes client companies' users

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